Klipboard offers lots export reports across the platform, such as Job export reports, invoice export reports, asset export reports, etc.

Each of these report exports are outputted in Excel for your convenience. You may wish to filter the data on these exports so below we have provided a guide for doing so.

You can add filters to the column headings in Excel on any exported Excel file from Klipboard. You can then search and filter the information the exact same way as within the data grids on Klipboard. Please see screenshots showing column filters in Excel in action:

You are able to enter in a search term and Excel will query the data and find results with that term for you.

You may of course be aware of filters in Excel, but If you are not aware of filters in Excel please see the following helpful article describing the extensive range of filters that can be applied to an Excel file: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/excel2010/filtering-data/1/

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