GETTING STARTED: Initial Setup & Data Imports

A step by step approach to getting setup snd your data imported into Klipboard

1 article

MOBILE APP: iOS & Android

How to download and use the Klipboard Mobile app on iOS and Android

15 articles

JOB MANAGEMENT: Jobs & Scheduling

Job Scheduling, Job Status, Job Reports, Editing Jobs & More

15 articles

CRM: Client & Supplier Management

Client & Supplier Imports & Creation, Client Reminders & Contracts

8 articles

COMMUNICATIONS: Automated Client Communications & Asset Service Reminders (SMS Text & Email)

Automated Client Follow Up Emails, Calendar Job Reminders, SMS Text Message Notifications & Asset Service Email Reminders

4 articles

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Asset Registers, Service Reminders, QR Code Tagging & PPM Scheduling

Asset Imports / Exports & Asset Creation, Asset Service Reminders, PPM Scheduling, Creating, Completing & Invoicing Asset Servicing.

15 articles

ACCOUNTING: Quotes, Invoices & Purchase Orders

Setup Quotes, Invoices & Purchase Order Templates, & Various Settings, Xero Integration & Reports.

11 articles

INVENTORY: Products & Service, Stock Level Management & Mulitple Stock Locations

Manage your Products, Parts and stock levels along with the Services your company provides

4 articles

LIVE TRACKING: GPS & Job Timesheets

GPS Live Tracking & Timer On App, Job Timesheet Creation, Editing & Invoicing

3 articles

XERO Integration

Getting Started With XERO, What does the Xero integration do? How the sync with Xero works? Troubleshooting.

25 articles

QUICKBOOKS Integration

Getting Started With Quickbooks, What does the Quickbooks integration do? How the sync with Quickbooks works? Troubleshooting.

16 articles

STRIPE Integration

2 articles

MOBILE FORMS: Form Builder & Form PDF Designer

Mobile Form Builder, Form PDF Template Designer & Mobile Form Groups.

4 articles


Getting Started With the Client Portal, What does the Client Portal do? Troubleshooting.

7 articles

TEAM: Manage & Add Team & Permissions

Creating Team Members, Team Members: Calendar Events, Add Jobs To A Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc & Device Locking

8 articles

CALENDAR: Integration & Team Calendar Events

Team Members: Add Jobs To A Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc & Calendar Events.

2 articles

MESSAGES: Notifications & Job Automation

Notifications, Sending an Announcement & Auto Approve Jobs on Upload

2 articles

REMINDERS & TASKS: Client Reminders

Important reminders and "to do's" for your Client

1 article

DOCUMENTS: General Document Library Or Client Document Library

Documents, New Document

1 article


General Settings & Settings with Quoting, Invoicing & Asset Management Functionality

8 articles

REPORTING: Jobs & Finance

Job Reports, Invoice Reporting, Quote Reporting & Excel Filtering On Exported Reports

4 articles


Mobile App Reset / Hard Reset & Password Reset/ Updating your Password

1 article

Feature Releases

A list of all Klipboard features previously released

3 articles