This guide will show you how to connect Klipboard to your Xero account.

Activate Xero Add-on

Login to your Klipboard account using your PC or Mac, and click Settings and then click Integrations

  • Click the Connect button for Xero Integration

  • Click Next to login to your Xero account and authorise

  • Enter your Xero's username and password to log in

Authorise Klipboard to connect to Xero

  • Select the Organisation you wish to connect with Klipboard, and then click the Authorise button.

  • Once connected follow the Instructions on the Xero Setup Wizard & Sync

  • Once the wizard and sync are complete, Klipboard and Xero are now connected. Your Klipboard account will be in sync with your existing Xero Clients and Suppliers; Tax rates; Payment days; Revenue and Expense Account Codes.

What does the Xero integration do?

First Time Connection to Xero, What does the Xero integration do? Things to Know, Invoice Sync Rules & Purchase Order Sync Rules.

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