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How do I create an Exam-Style Question assignment?
How do I create an Exam-Style Question assignment?

Setting an ESQ assignment

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Sending exam-style question assignments is a great way to ask students to practice and revise questions that are similar to questions they will face in their final examinations. Additionally, just like in the final examinations, students will need to write their answers by hand which gives them a chance to practice their handwriting skills and spelling. You can use these assignments in various ways: as preparation ahead of the next class, as mock exams, or for revision. 

This short video will show you how you can create an assignment, and we've also included a step-by-step guide below.  

Step 1: Click on the relevant subject and click on the 'Create Assignment' button on the teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Select 'Exam-style assignment'.

Step 3: Select the questions you want to assign to your students. Once done, press 'Step 2' to Modify the assignment.

Step 4: Set the assignment name, Select the recipients (all students are selected by default), arrange the questions in the order of your preference, add any additional message, set a deadline and hit the 'Review and Send' button.

Step 5 : If you do not want to send the assignment right away, but save it for later, click on 'Finish later' or you can schedule the assignment to be sent later for you, simply click on 'Review and schedule'.

What happens when I have sent the assignment?

  • All recipients will receive an email notifying them that they have an assignment to complete. The assignment will also appear in the assignment dashboard when they log in.

  • Your submission instructions will be helpful for students to understand how you plan to mark/assess/collect the assignment: You might ask them to hand in sheets with their answers, complete the tasks in groups, or maybe the students are not required to hand in their answers.

  • When the deadline has passed, the assignment will not be marked by Kognity, however, you will be able to see which students have 'opened' the assignment. This gives you a quick overview of those students that are aware of the task and those who need an additional nudge to get started.

  • For grading and feedback, you will need to follow up with students individually by marking their assignments by hand and discussing the included mark schemes.

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