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How to edit scheduled posts in Kontentino
How to edit scheduled posts in Kontentino

How to edit and unschedule posts for each social media platform

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Have you scheduled a post in Kontentino and decided to make changes to it before it goes out on social media? Our quick guide will take you through the process of editing your posts for individual social media platforms. 👇

How to edit a post in Kontentino

You can edit your post directly in Kontentino. Select the post you want to edit, click Edit post, and start making your changes. Once you’re done, click on Save to save your work.

1. Editing Facebook posts

When scheduling Facebook posts via Kontentino, all formats (except multi-image posts) are exported to the platform in advance. In simple terms, your scheduled posts will be stored on Facebook until they are published.

Why? Thanks to exporting the posts to Facebook in advance, you can make changes to your posts that wouldn’t otherwise be possible due to the platform’s API limitations for third-party app tools, e.g. boosting posts before publishing. (Find out more about the API limitations of social media platforms)

Due to this, if you schedule a post in Kontentino and decide to make changes to it, you have to do it directly on Facebook too. Since your post was previously exported to Facebook, the changes you make only in Kontentino won’t apply to it.

To edit your post, open the post in Kontentino > click on See post > you’ll be redirected to your post on Facebook. If you're not logged in as the respective page, make sure to switch to the profile of your page on Facebook first, then open the post again and click on Edit or Remove it:

Then, you can go back to Kontentino > Edit post > change the post status manually back to Draft > Save post > then you can schedule the post again:

2. Editing Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest posts

The posts you schedule on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest aren’t exported to the respective platforms beforehand. This means that you can make your changes in Kontentino, and they’ll be applied directly to your posts — Kontentino will publish the updated post.

How to unschedule your post (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)

You can easily unschedule your post from publishing.

To do this in Kontentino, click on Edit post > scroll to Post planning > click on clear date > Save changes. And that’s it — your post is now unscheduled and can be found in the Post ideas section!

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