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How can I change my phone number?
How can I change my phone number?

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You still have your old phone number?

Log in to the Kontist app, open Settings -> Personal data and click on Mobile number. You can then request the deletion of the old phone number and then deposit your new number.

You don't have your old phone number anymore?

Please contact us via chat or email to

Please send us a proof for the new phone number (e.g. mobile phone contract, billing statement of the contract provider). It is important that we receive a document showing your name and the new phone number. Please also tell us the reason for the change of phone number.

We will then delete your old number from the system. Then you can deposit the phone number as described above. This process usually takes 1-2 banking days.

Why do we need verification?

Your phone number is currently the main verifier for all your transactions and changes in the account. To make sure that the account can be used exclusively by you, it is also necessary to make sure that the number belongs exclusively to you.

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