Yes, with the Split feature in the app you can easily separate your outgoing transactions and categorize them accurately.

What is Split good for?

  • You can split your outgoing payments into multiple ones, e.g. a direct debit from Finanzamt that collects income tax and VAT in one payment.

  • You can assign different VAT types to one payment, e.g. a hotel bill with 7% for breakfast and 19% for accommodation.

  • You can assign different payment types, e.g. rent expenses which are partly private and partly business.

Split makes your bookkeeping easier and improves the accuracy of your tax savings.

How it works

  1. Click the transaction you’d like to split

  2. Then choose “Split the transaction”

  3. Enter the amount you want to split the transaction into

  4. Set the respective category for each of the newly created amounts

  5. Click “Split” – that’s it!

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