Are nannies available in the holidays?

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Our nannies are very often available to help during school holidays and inset days, and usually love picking up the extra hours. 

Holiday work should be arranged directly with your nanny, and as far in advance as possible. You can pay for these hours in the usual way through Koru Kids. 

We have an active online community where nannies can swap tips for crafts, cooking, outdoor activities and trips, so they’re always armed with new ideas, meaning full-day shifts are no problem.

Please be aware that not all nannies will be able to help during the holidays and it does depend on each nanny's availability. If holiday care is essential for you, please make sure you discuss this with nannies at interviews.

If your nanny is unable to work in the holidays, let us know and we can try to find another nanny to help out. We can't guarantee we'll be able to find cover, but we'll always try our best!

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