This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

  1. When your nanny accepts your job offer, you’ll need to make an advance payment to cover four weeks' childcare. It’s 100% refunded if things don’t go ahead. The advance payment is used against your final invoice when you stop working with your nanny. Any money left after paying for your nanny's final hours and notice period will always be returned to you. If your nanny's start date is over a month away, you'll pay this invoice 4 weeks before they start.

  2. After your nanny starts, they submit the hours they've worked via the Koru Kids app. Most nannies do this immediately following their shift. You are sent these for review every Saturday via a notification from our app. You’ll have until the 28th of the month to review and approve all your nanny’s hours for that month (up to the 25th).

  3. You are sent an invoice estimate which will include any rounding to account for minimum hours. If the total hours in a month is less than the minimum hours in your nanny’s contract, we'll round up your invoice. We send an estimate so you have a chance to query anything before we issue the final invoice and take payment.

  4. We send you your finalised invoice on the last working day of the month. The payment itself will be taken automatically by Direct Debit between the 3rd and 5th of the month. We will pay your nanny on the 7th.

  5. If you need to end your arrangement, you'll need to give your nanny their contractual notice period - our standard is 2 weeks notice after the 2 week probation period. If you do not need your nanny to work during this time, then you may pay their contracted hours in lieu of notice.

  6. We'll process a refund for any remainder of your advance payment within 2 weeks of you receiving your final invoice.

We ask all of our families to pay for their childcare with a Direct Debit. Why?

  • It's easier for you: no more forgetting to pay or annoying bank transfers

  • You're protected: all payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee meaning your bank will refund you in the unlikely event something goes wrong

  • It ensures your nanny gets paid on time: our nannies rely on your payment for income and using Direct Debit ensures they get paid on time

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