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What are the hours like?

Guidance on what sort of working hours families are most commonly looking for

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This article has been written for the Koru Kids Nanny Service for nannies who are thinking about applying.

Being an after school nanny is a part-time role.

Families need different amounts of childcare and we try to support this as much as possible. We balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income.

Typically, the after school nanny roles our families offer are usually 9 hours per week (typically 3pm - 6pm, 3 afternoons a week), but could be up to 20 hours (typically 3pm - 7pm, Monday-Friday) depending on your availability.

Most roles are just on weekdays during school term time. Some families also need help in the holidays, but this varies.

You'll normally need to be available for a minimum of three afternoons a week during term time, for at least three hours each day, and be able to pick up children from school by 3pm. (We do have some families who only need help on 2 afternoons a week.) The hours are not flexible, and so you’ll need to be available on the same days and times each week.

We don’t allow zero hour contracts so when you agree to work with a family, they need to commit to paying you for a number of regular hours even if they don’t end up needing you to look after their kids. For most contracts, this minimum will be 9 but some may be lower, if this is what you’ve agreed with the family.

If you’re not available to work, it’s important you let us know and we will not charge the family for the time.

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