The references and preferences form should be your starting point, as it has the full list of people you can and can’t put down. 

Your formal reference should come from someone you have worked for or who have seen you in an educational setting - like a former employer, teacher or someone that you have done childcare or babysitting for. 

If you have two references like this, then that’s great!

If you’ve only got one, we can also take one personal reference from someone who know you well and can tell us all about your character, like a family friend. Just remember, at least one of them needs to have seen you around kids before.

If you think you can’t provide a formal reference, perhaps because you have been out of employment for a while or self employed for a long time, then please get in touch. You can drop us a text on 07492888510, email or send a message via the chat in the corner of the screen to discuss your options.

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