Is my nanny entitled to sick pay?

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Sick pay can be really complicated but don’t worry – we’ll calculate everything for you, and if your nanny is eligible we handle all the admin. You can find out more about Statutory Sick Pay here:

As you’re no longer legally required to self-isolate if you have COVID-19, if your nanny is sick and is unable to work, they should report this sickness as normal. This will ensure that you are not charged during this time.

If your nanny is taking leave because of self-isolation without sickness, they should report this as leave (but not sick leave) to ensure that you are not charged during this period.

Who is eligible for sick pay? 

Due to the majority of roles being part-time afternoon work, unfortunately most Koru Kids nannies are not eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). To qualify for SSP your nanny must:

  • Earn an average of at least £123 per week (Weekly earnings average is typically calculated on the previous 8 weeks of employment)

  • Tell you they are sick within 7 days

  • Have been ill for at least 4 days in a row (including non-working days)

How many days you can get SSP for depends on why you’re off work.

If your nanny is off work and is sick due to coronavirus, but is not eligible for SSP, it is still our strong recommendation that you should continue to pay them. More guidance on what to do in this situation can be found here.

How do I pay for sick pay? How much do I need to pay?

  • An employee can receive up to £109.40 a week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for up to 28 weeks if they’re too ill to work.

  • Koru Kids will administer the sick pay for you. If your nanny has informed you that they are sick, and you think they might be eligible for SSP, please inform us and we will calculate how much your nanny needs to be paid, pay them and invoice you for this amount.

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