Do I have to pay for the nanny's travel costs?

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In certain situations, yes. A nanny is expected to cover their own travel costs to and from their place of work (typically being your child / children's school or your home). However, you are expected to reimburse the nanny for any travel costs incurred while on their shift (for example, the cost of taking the bus to bring your child / children home from school).

It’s always a good idea to discuss what travel expenses you consider acceptable, at the start of your nanny’s employment - and discuss possible scenarios where they might have to deviate from this (e.g. is a taxi acceptable in a tube strike).

It's also good to clarify upfront how expenses can be claimed. Some families arrange to reimburse the nanny directly (i.e. give the nanny an Oyster card you topped up) or nannies can report expenses at the end of the month and get paid that way. 

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