What happens when I decide to hire a nanny?

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Before you start working with your nanny

Once you've offered a nanny a job, we'll email you to do these three things so we can sort all of the admin for you:

  1. Complete the set-up form: this lets us draw up your contract, set up your nanny's payroll and pension, register you with HMRC (if needed)

  2. Set up a Direct Debit: This lets us invoice you, collect payment and pay your nanny each month

  3. Make arrangements with your nanny to start work

At the same time, we'll also invite your nanny to attend our Paediatric First Aid training course, and run an enhanced DBS check for them. The check normally takes 5-10 days to complete. You can find more important information about the DBS check process here.

After you start working with your nanny

All our arrangements start with a standard 2-week probation period. During this time, you only need to give your nanny 24 hours notice if you feel things aren't working out. Meanwhile, we'll be working in the background to get things set up for you as quickly as possible. 

Our team will also be on hand to support you and your nanny throughout your relationship by:

Watch our video guide to next steps when you're ready to hire your nanny.


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