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Can I hire a nanny for fewer than 9 hours a week?

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This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

We know families need different amounts of childcare and we try to support this as much as possible. We balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income in the following ways.

  1. Most of our nannies want to work a minimum of 9 hours a week although some are happy to work less. This can be term-time only. We don’t allow our nannies to have zero hour contracts so when you hire your nanny you’ll need to commit to a number of regular hours.

  2. If you hire your nanny for less than 9 hours a week during term-time, you’ll pay an additional £1 an hour and you’ll still need to offer at least 3 hours per week. We don’t charge finder's fees and this allows us to give you and your nanny the same level of service and support

  3. If you don’t work with your nanny for the hours you’ve agreed in your contract, you’ll still be billed for them, up to a maximum of 9 hours per week during term-time. If your circumstances change you can agree with your nanny to reduce their hours.

Details on how this works can be found here

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