For families paying the standard rate of £13/hr, we’ve established that the 9 hour weekly minimum is equivalent to:

  • 32 hours per month for September to July (excluding April)*
  • In April, the minimum is only 23 hours to account for the longer school holiday (between the 26th of March and the 25th of April)
  • There is no minimum in August as most families and nannies are on their summer holidays and don’t work together at all
  • The monthly minimum will be adjusted if the relationship starts or ends mid month 

If your nanny ends up working fewer hours than the minimum, we will round up the invoice at the end of the month. Our payroll month runs from the 26th of each month until the following 25th of the next month. 

Why do we have this minimum?

  • To balance our families’ fluctuating childcare needs with our nannies’ need for a consistent income
  • To ensure the job is sustainable for our nannies and they receive a minimum salary
  • To cover our set up and ongoing costs

Please let us know if your nanny has other commitments and can’t work for 9 hours a week during term time, and we’ll adjust your invoice accordingly.

*Schools usually have 13 weeks of holidays a year. We deduct 13 x 9 hours/week from the total we’d expect if a nanny worked 9 hours every week and spread the remaining hours over 11 months to get to the 32 hour/month minimum.

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