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Getting your Nanny off to a Great Start
How can I get my relationship with my nanny off to a great start?
How can I get my relationship with my nanny off to a great start?

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From our experience working with over 1000 families and nannies, we’ve learned that getting a new nanny used to the way your family works in the first couple of weeks is essential for a long lasting relationship. This helps alleviate any anxiety on your nanny's part and helps them feel confident early in the role, enabling them to be the best nanny they can as early as possible.

To get your nanny off to the best start we recommend you:

  • Give them at least one shift to shadow you - check out our guide for a great shadowing day here

  • Write out your children's after school routines - download our printable template here

  • Give your nanny notes to refer back to - find our prompt questions on what to include here

  • Build a habit of giving feedback regularly - watch our video guides on giving your nanny feedback here

  • Establish working norms with your nanny - check out list of points to agree here

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