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To get your nanny up to speed quickly when they start to work for you, and to give them information to refer back to as they continue in their role, we recommend writing them some detailed notes about your children and how you'd like your nanny to engage with them. This helps alleviate any anxiety on your nanny's part and helps them feel confident early in the role, enabling them to be the best nanny they can as early as possible.

Here are some ideas about key things to include:

  • A description about your children's personalities

  • Your children's favourites pastimes

  • Your children's favourite foods

  • Your tips for building a rapport with your children

  • Any rules your children are expected to follow

  • Any behaviour management strategies you use

  • Situations that make your children upset or frustrated and how your nanny can support them

To give your nanny the best possible understanding of how you want them to engage with your children, we recommend using a shadowing day to model your approach. Check out our advice for a great shadowing day here.

To record day and time based information about your children's routines, check out our printable template here.

For all of our advice about getting off to a great start with your new nanny, click here.

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