Congratulations on being offered an interview. We just wanted to say good luck and share our guidelines for keeping safe when organising and attending interviews. 

  • Try and schedule your interview via the Koru Kids platform. Our scheduling tool makes it really easy to find a time that works for you and the family. You can add it as an event in your calendar too. Koru Kids will also know when your interview is happening and can get in touch after to see how it went.

  • If it makes you feel more comfortable, ask to arrange the interview somewhere public such as a cafe, restaurant, or maybe a child-friendly location like a park. 

  • Always inform a friend or family member before heading out to an interview. Give them the full details of the interview: location and time; when approximately it should end; name and phone number of the family; Koru Kids' phone number (020 8050 5678). When the interview is over, let them know you’re OK.

  • If you’re meeting the family at their home, make sure you have the correct address before you enter the building. If you have any doubts, please phone the family or Koru Kids to double check before going in.

  • Try to stay within reach of a telephone at all times.

  • Many employers will look up potential employees online. You can check the parents out online before you attend the interview too.

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