Keep everything with us

Recognising suspicious behaviour

How to stay safe

Koru Kids are always here to help you.

But there are a few things you can do too.

Keep everything with us

We’ve made it really simple to do everything in one place. You can schedule interviews, organise a trial (getting paid straight away!) and accept a job offer all from your chat, so we think it’s better to stick with us.

Still, some families might share their number and ask you to contact them directly to arrange an interview. That’s fine, as long as in the end you are hired through Koru Kids, because we want to be there to help - and there’s so much stuff you benefit from, by sticking around.

But if you’d prefer not to move to text or Whatsapp, that’s totally okay. Here’s how you could explain this to families:

‘I’d prefer to chat through Koru Kids for now. I’d be happy to share my number when we’re a bit further into the process/ready to book an interview/trial.’

Recognising suspicious behaviour

We have alerts that allow us to investigate suspicious profiles, and we don’t hesitate to remove anyone who behaves inappropriately or could be a scammer.

But, you can help us keep the Koru Kids community safe by letting us know about anything that doesn’t feel quite right.

Here are a few ‘red flags’ that you should be aware of:

  • Anyone offering you a different role to nannying, outside of Koru Kids

  • Anyone asking for your bank details or asking you to accept or transfer money

  • Anyone asking to pass on your contact details to someone else

This is the sort of message that should ring alarm bells. Block them and let Koru Kids know.

How to stay safe

It’s your right to say no. Never agree to any meetings or roles that you aren’t comfortable with.

It’s okay to Google the families you are talking to. It’s not nosey, it’s sensible.

If you are meeting a family for the first time, we’ve got some specific interview safety tips.

If you’ve got yourself in a pickle agreeing to something outside Koru Kids - it’s not your fault and don’t worry! We are here for you at any point to chat things through and get back on track.

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