Can I share a nanny with another family?

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What is nanny share?

Nanny share is when a nanny looks after the children from two families at once.

How many families can share a nanny?

Legally, a nanny can only look after children from two families at the same time.

How much does it cost?

Nanny shares cost each family between £10 - £10.98 per hour, depending on the nanny's level of experience with no hidden fees.

Do we need to have a family to share with, or can Koru Kids help us find one?

If you already have a family to share with that’s great! You can sign-up as usual and just let the nanny know it’s a share. If you need another family to share with you can use our free family-finder tool and you can chat to local families who would also like to share.

How do we sign up?

Only one family needs to register to search for a nanny - but tell us about all the children that need care. Mention in your profile at the end of your sign-up that it’s a nanny share so the nannies know when you contact them.

How should we interview the nannies?

Once you’ve found the nannies you’d like to interview it works really well to have a video call initially so both families can join. Then you can meet up in the park or do a short trial to make sure they are the right nanny for you.

How do we offer the nanny a role?

Once you’ve interviewed the nanny that you decide you’d like to hire, you’ll be prompted to let us know your decision. One of the options is to book a call with Koru Kids - on this call we’ll walk you through the next steps. This is the point we'll need to ensure the family you're sharing with have signed up with us too.

Can the nanny work some hours with just one of the families?

Yes. The nanny can work for both families and receive the higher rate of pay for those hours, and for each family separately, where they are paid the normal rate. The cost to families is between £10 - £10.98 per hour for shared hours, and £15.75 - £19.00 per hour for sole care hours.

How does payment work?

Both families are able to approve shifts that the nanny reports through the Koru Kids app. Invoices are then produced for each family once a month, accurately reflecting the hours the nanny has worked caring for both families at the same time (between £10 - £10.98 per family), or separately for either family (£15.75-£19.00 per hour). Both families will be signed up to our direct debit system, enabling us to easily take monthly payment of the agreed sum.

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