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Managing Deliveries: Next Day / 1-3 Days Delivery
Parcel Packing Instructions for Next Day / 1-3 Days Delivery Types
Parcel Packing Instructions for Next Day / 1-3 Days Delivery Types
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Please note that delivery is not available for the items listed below:

  1. Items that exceed the size specification

    1. Max Weight of 30kg

    2. Max Dimensions of 100cm x 100cm x 100cm

  2. Credit cards or ATM cards

  3. Human or animal remains, religious artifacts

  4. Firearms or swords

  5. Living things

  6. Poisonous or toxic substance

  7. Documents which cannot be reproduced

  8. Flammable, ignitable or volatile items such as fireworks

  9. Cash, cheques, bills and other marketable securities

  10. Perishables such as vegetables and fruits

Important packaging points

  1. All parcels must have an external packaging that covers 100% of the exposed area, this is because additional markings and labels may be applied to the packaging during the delivery process.

  2. Package should be packed tightly to prevent the movement of items inside the box. Packing foam can be used to secure the items within the parcel.

  3. Fragile items should be wrapped in protective materials like bubble wrap and packing foam. Fragile items are to be labelled with fragile stickers.

  4. All electronic device should be powered off. Batteries should be removed.

  5. For liquids, the items should be placed in an upright position and the parcel should be labelled with a "upright" sticker.

  6. Bulky items are recommended to be packed separately.

  7. Package needs to sealed to prevent the content from dropping out.

Air Waybill Labelling instructions

  1. One parcel has to be label with one unique air waybill

  2. Ensure that the packaging does not have any old addresses or tracking labels.

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