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Do you provide the shipping label?

Yes, we do. Shipping label is only required for next day and standard delivery types. We will provide you with the shipping label. You just need to print it and paste it in the package. Please make sure that your parcels are labeled and packed accordingly to the instructions here. If you would like to have additional customization to your waybills, please email with your contact details and our account managers will reach out to you shortly.
Please take note that there is no need to re-print your labels even when your pick-up timing has changed.

When will the courier pick up my parcel?

The courier will pick up order during the time range shown in your order dashboard. The usual collection time will be between 9am to 6pm but it will vary according to the different couriers. You will have the option to schedule your desired pickup time when placing the orders.

How can I see the list of scheduled pick-up I have at the moment?

You will be able to see the estimated time of pick-up for each delivery in your order dashboard. In the event that you see that pick-up is pending without an ETA or delayed, it can indicate that you will need to reschedule your pick-up. Please reach out to or our live chat for more assistance.

What happens if no one came to collect my parcel during the stipulated time frame?

If the unsuccessful pickup is due to the fault of the courier (e.g. driver did not show up), no action will be required from you, the courier will re-attempt the pickup the next working day.

However, if the unsuccessful pickup is due to the shipper (e.g. parcel is not ready for collection). To avoid this experience, it is encouraged to ensure parcels are ready for pickup to prevent delays.

In the event that there is an unsuccessful pickup due to the shipper, the status of the parcel will remain as yet to be picked up. You can pass it to the couriers during your next scheduled pick-up timing. Alternatively, you can also schedule for a pick-up by reaching out to us via our live chat or email

What happens if I want to cancel / reschedule a pickup?

You can reach out to or our live chat to reschedule a pick-up.

What happens if there are multiple failed pick-up attempts to the same location?

Our couriers will reach out to you to ascertain if the pickup is valid. It is important to ensure accurate information upon order creation and the parcel is ready to be collected at pickup.

I have multiple pickup scheduled but I have already handed over all of my parcels to the courier. What should I do?

In the event that you have multiple pickup scheduled but have already handed over all of your parcels, you can reach out to us via or our live chat to cancel your pick-up.

What happens if the driver does not want to pick up my parcel?

Couriers have the right to reject parcel pickups if the packaging does not adhere to their respective packing policies. It is important to ensure that packaging are done properly to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation. Find out from the driver on the reason why he is refusing to scan the parcel. You may then inform the driver to pick-up the parcel the next working day.

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