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IT equipment
What equipment do I need to use Lalilo?
What equipment do I need to use Lalilo?

Browser and device compatibility

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🌐 You can use Lalilo on computers and on tablets (including iPads) through a web browser (there is no Lalilo app). We recommend using Google Chrome if you’re on a computer and the latest version of iOS if you’re using it on iPads.

🎤 We also recommend using headphones with integrated microphones given that some exercises require a recording. If you don't have a microphone, the reading aloud exercises will automatically be de-activated. If there is an issue with the microphone or if you want to de-activate the reading out loud activities, you can follow the steps outlined in this article.

➡️ You can check out the minimum versions of browsers, iOS and Android devices we support here.
If you want to know which browser and browser version you are using, click here.

For iOS, please note that students may be faced with display issues below version 11. If they can't see the full screen or all the buttons properly, they can either change their screen from landscape to portrait (or vice versa), or check that their screen is not too zoomed in (you can find out more here).

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