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Using the Landlord Law Forum
Using the Landlord Law Forum
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The Landlord Law forum works in the same way as most other online forums. Please see the short videos and guidance below for some basic help.

Note that these videos were shot in January 2022 so the forum may look slightly different if you are watching them some time later. However, the forum will still work the same way.

How to find the forum:

The members' forum is an important part of the Landlord Law service. This is a private space (ONLY Landlord Law members can view the posts) where you can:

  • Ask questions about the site

  • Ask questions about legal or practical issues which are bothering you (which you cannot find answers for on the site content)

  • Make suggestions for new site content, and

  • Have discussions with other members

If you are not logged in as a Landlord Law member you will see the forum page itself but none of the topics or posts.

Please note that we only answer legal or similar questions for members in the forum. So please can you use the forum and not send requests for advice via email or the contact form.

Forum sections and where to post your question


There is a very small search icon at the top right - it is a small magnifying glass. Click that and a search box will appear. You can use this to find relevant content, for example, to see if your question has already been answered before posting it.

How to post your question:

We have a bit more detailed guidance below:

Post Types

Most of the sections in the forum operate in the standard way of all forums.

  • If you want to start a new topic you click the green 'Add topic' button

  • If you want to reply to someone's post on an existing topic you complete the reply form below it.

However, the 'Your questions' section of the site is different. This has a 'question and answer' format. When someone asks a question you can post an 'Answer' to the question. You can also post comments on both the question and the answers.

If you like the question or the answers you can also vote them up (or down if you disagree with them).

How to find your forum posts

Finding unread posts

Unread posts are listed in bold type. When you have read a post, it will no longer be in bold - until someone posts a further comment there, when it will be bold again - until you have clicked to read the new comment.

If you want to see all the posts you have not read, you can click the 'Unread Posts' link which is on the forum homepage at the top right. You will see it under the search icon.

Your Profile on the Forum

Points for using the forum

You can earn Landlord Law points by using the forum, which can be redeemed against some of our products and services:

  • You can earn 20 points by completing your forum profile (there is some guidance on this in the forum > Using Landlord Law > How to use this forum section)

  • You also earn 1 point every time you post a new topic or reply, or anything in the Your questions section.

If you have any problems or issues using the forum

Hopefully, this article and the videos will have answered all your questions. But if you have any problems, use the Green Button support service - you will see the green button at the bottom right of your screen now. Guidance is here.

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