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How to buy a kit or course
How to buy a kit or course

Sometimes people experience issues when buying one of our products so here is a step by step guide.

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As well as the Landlord Law membership we also sell a number of courses and kits. These need to be purchased via our system.

About memberships and login permissions

By way of background information, the Landlord Law membership service is not the only 'membership' product on the Landlord Law site (one reason why it is called 'Landlord Law Services').

Our courses and kits are also protected by our membership software - and each course or kit is a separate membership. To access any of them you need to be logged into the system. The system will know, by your email address, which memberships you belong to. So for example, if you have bought one of our kits but are not a Landlord Law member - when you log in you will only be able to access your kit. it will not allow you to access anything else. Unless and until you buy it.

Do be careful about the email address you use when buying your product. Be aware that we cannot consolidate different memberships brought with different email addresses. So if your email has changed since the last product you bought, it would be best to first log in and change your email on the system. You can do this via your 'My Account' area (go to the 'Account details' section) after you have logged in.

Step by step guide to buying a product

Let us assume you want to buy our Property Inspection Kit. You will read the sales page and towards the bottom will find a 'click to buy' button. Normally on our sales pages, this button will be green or orange.

Step 1

This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Note that the sales price of £33.33 is the ex VAT price. The VAT is added at the next stage. To proceed, click the add to basket button.

Step 2

This will take you to the basket page:

Note the following:

  • If you have a coupon code you put it in the coupon code box and click 'apply coupon'. The totals will then be re-calucated.

  • If you want to change the quantity then you click in and replace 1 with the number you require and then click the 'update basket' button. Note that for many products (such as this kit) this has been disabled and you can only buy one.

If you are happy with the purchase, then click the orange 'proceed to checkout' button.

If you change your mind and decide not to buy it, you should click the little red x on the right of the product name. This will delete it from your system. Otherwise, if you decide to buy something else later, you may still find it there.

Step 3

The next page, the Checkout page, is rather long so only parts of it are shown by screenshots. Here is the top part of the page.

Note the following:

If you have ever bought anything from us before, the system will want you to log in so this purchase can be allocated to the same email. Otherwise, you would have to log in separately for each product you buy from us which would be very tedious!

This is why you are asked if you are a returning customer. If you are, click the 'click here to login' link and a dropdown login screen will appear to allow you to log in.

There is also a second opportunity for you to add a coupon, if you have forgotten to use it on the previous page.

You then need to start adding your details.

Step 4

Here is the next section of the checkout page:

You will need to complete all of the fields with a red asterisk or your purchase will not progress.

Make sure the email is correct. Be aware that if you make a mistake (for example put xxx@xxx.cou.k when it should be - all your receipts and the emails about your purchase will go to the wrong place and you won't get them! So do be careful!

People often get very confused about the password. You need to add a password so you can log into our system later to access your kit or course. Make a note of what it is, although you can always change your password later.

If you have already bought something from us in the past with the same email (but have forgotten), the system will pick this up when you click to make payment and a message will appear as follows:

This means that if you want to purchase this product and register it to that email address you will need to log into our system first, so the new purchase can be registered to it. It will not let you proceed with the purchase until you have done this.

So click the 'please log in' link and the drop-down login fields will appear. If you have forgotten your password this is not a problem, you can set a new one as described here.

Once you have logged in you can proceed with your purchase.

Step 5

If you are a current Landlord Law member you may then be given the opportunity to offset your 'Landlord Law points'. All Landlord Law members are given points as described here which can be redeemed against some (although not all) of our products.

The information on the page will tell you how many points you have and you will need to enter them into the box below and then click the 'apply points discount' button. The amount to pay will then be recalculated.

Note that if you have already used a coupon, you will not be able to offset your points as there is a clash in the system for this. You will need to choose whether to use the coupon or offset your points..

Step 6

The final stage is to make payment.

As in the picture above you will normally be given the choice of paying via pay pal or credit or debit card. Although note that for some items (eg Landlord Law membership) the pay pal option is not available.

After you have purchased your product

You will normally get at least two emails:

  • A receipt, which will come from our payments system and

  • An information email about your product, which will come from our mailing system.

Depending on the product you are buying, you may get more than one information email.

If they do not arrive, this will probably be because you have inputted your email incorrectly (they WILL be sent out - this is done automatically via our system). Get in touch as we may be able to correct this for you and re-send them.

If you experience problems

Sometimes people tell us that they are having dreadful problems and keep getting redirected back to an earlier page. If you follow the instructions above this should not happen. However, if you keep revising pages and trying to do things over and over, your computer may keep showing you the wrong information due to caching which is discussed in this article.

If this happens, then as suggested in the article, the best thing to do is to start again with a different internet browser or computer. So if you are using Chrome, start again with Firefox. Of if you have another computer use that. Most people find that if they do this, the problems disappear.

If you still experience problems, you can always send us a message via the green button help service - you will find the green button at the bottom right of every page.

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