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What is the difference between Pure AI and Human AI transcription options?
What is the difference between Pure AI and Human AI transcription options?
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Captello offers two different transcription methods i.e. Human AI and Pure AI. Both are very distinct methods that have their own advantages.

Pure AI - Pure AI uses a sophisticated process that combines machine learning, image analysis, data intelligence, and artificial intelligence to perform its magic. Results are returned quickly inside the mobile app.

Human AI - Human AI uses an operations team of several hundred people. The workforce transcribes the contact information while artificial intelligence processes the data to find matching information and discard bad information. The result is a highly accurate process ideal for multiple use cases. Results are returned from the operations team typically within 15 to 25 minutes (depending on workload). Location, time, and day may affect the turn around time of transcriptions. To use this service, you need to add a credit card to your account.

More detailed information about these options is available in our documentation here.

Note: While results of Pure AI are accurate most of the times, there are certain variables that may affect the accuracy. Here are some of the factors that may impact the transcription quality:

- Business Cards with text in image (like Logo)

- Multi color words

- Non standard job titles, phone and address formats

- Generic company names that could get identified as people names

- Image quality

- Business cards in non-English language

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