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How can I use Captello if my event does not offer a developer kit?
How can I use Captello if my event does not offer a developer kit?
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No problem, you can still use any of these options:

  1. Transcribe business cards using Human AI (processing in the background) or Pure AI (processing on the spot).

  2. Transcribe a badge using Pure AI (transcribe on the spot) and add missing contact information such as email and phone number.

  3. Post-process yourself by taking a picture of the badge, manually collect emails, then transcribe the submissions at your leisure using the built-in capture portal.
    Hint: Use the “Send to Capture Portal” option on the Scanner element.

  4. Self-service lead capture by having attendees scan a QR code or use a kiosk inside the booth to:

    1. Request a brochure

    2. Sign up for a demo

    3. Schedule a meeting

    4. Engage by playing a game

    5. Complete a survey

    6. Enter a contest

  5. Run a guided tour or exciting competition. Set up “Waypoints” (branded QR codes) and/or digital activations around your booth. Waypoints can be backed by content (videos, brochures, games, etc.) to extend learning opportunities. Encourage attendees to scan Waypoints for a chance to earn prizes and get placed on the leaderboard. This entire experience can be delivered by Captello.

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