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How can I use Captello if my event does not offer a developer kit?
How can I use Captello if my event does not offer a developer kit?
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No problem, you can still use any of these options:

  1. Transcribe business cards using Human AI (processing in the background) or Pure AI (processing on the spot).

  2. Transcribe a badge using Pure AI (transcribe on the spot) and add missing contact information such as email and phone number.

  3. Post-process yourself by taking a picture of the badge, manually collect emails, then transcribe the submissions at your leisure using the built-in capture portal.
    Hint: Use the “Send to Capture Portal” option on the Scanner element.

  4. Self-service lead capture by having attendees scan a QR code or use a kiosk inside the booth to:

    1. Request a brochure

    2. Sign up for a demo

    3. Schedule a meeting

    4. Engage by playing a game

    5. Complete a survey

    6. Enter a contest

  5. Run a guided tour or exciting competition. Set up “Waypoints” (branded QR codes) and/or digital activations around your booth. Waypoints can be backed by content (videos, brochures, games, etc.) to extend learning opportunities. Encourage attendees to scan Waypoints for a chance to earn prizes and get placed on the leaderboard. This entire experience can be delivered by Captello.

  6. Import your leads into Captello after collecting them from the event. Captello will serve as your hub for all your event leads. Assuming you’ve built business processes that initiate from the point of lead capture, all of your processes will kick in once you import into Captello from your browser.

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