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Troubleshooting Badge Scan Delays with Captello’s Universal Lead Capture
Troubleshooting Badge Scan Delays with Captello’s Universal Lead Capture

Learn how to improve your badge scanning experience by following these tips & suggestions

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Problem: Lead data from badge scans is experiencing delays and not updating in real-time.

Overview: Badge scan data delays can be inconvenient, especially when quick lead capture is essential. In most cases, these delays can be attributed to unstable internet connections or issues with the registration provider’s API.

Solutions & Recommendations:

1. Switch to Cellular Data:

  • Occasionally, exhibition hall Wi-Fi can be overwhelmed by the number of connected devices.

  • To overcome this, turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile device and switch to cellular connectivity. With the improved infrastructure, many exhibition halls now offer strong cellular reception that can support multiple devices efficiently.

2. Utilize Offline Mode with Captello’s ULC App:

  • In scenarios where neither Wi-Fi nor cellular data is available, place your mobile device in airplane mode.

  • The Captello ULC app is designed to operate offline. This allows you to scan badges, input lead data, and submit it as you typically would.

  • The submitted lead data will remain pending on your device and will be automatically uploaded once you reconnect to the internet. You can collect all leads offline and later reconnect in places with better connectivity like the exhibition lobby or your hotel.

3. Invest in a Booth Router:

  • Consider purchasing an enterprise router, such as those offered by Cradlepoint. These routers, which connect to cellular networks, can be an excellent investment, especially when compared to recurrent costs of purchasing internet from event organizers.

  • For such setups, a basic 3G internet plan should suffice. Platforms like allow for flexible activation and deactivation of cellular connectivity directly from your browser.

  • Set up the router discreetly behind your booth. Devices can then connect to this router via Wi-Fi, which in turn links up to the cellular network.

  • Note: Ensure your staff is aware that moving too far from the booth may disconnect their devices from the router. They’ll need to reconnect upon returning.

4. Dedicate Devices for Lead Capture:

  • Investing in dedicated devices for lead capture ensures that there are always devices available within your booth. This minimizes the risk of devices disconnecting from the booth’s network due to staff movement.

We understand the importance of seamless lead data capture at events. By following the recommendations above, you can significantly mitigate or circumvent issues arising from poor internet connectivity or registration provider API hitches. We aim to empower our users with solutions that work, irrespective of the challenges faced.

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