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Trying Games

How to try games before you assign them to students

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This article reviews how to try out individual games before assigning them to students. See this article for information on how to experience a full assignment as a student after it has been assigned.

To try out any of Legends of Learning's 2,000 math and science games, use the search bar provided on the Home page.

Next, type the game name, topic name, or keyword into the search bar.

Scroll down to find the list of games available for the topic/keyword.

To try a game, click the game tile and select the Try Game button.

This will open a preview window where you can play through the game as a student would see it.

NOTE: If you are trying an Instructional Game, all Instructional games come with a built-in 3-question pre- and post-assessment to provide meaningful gameplay data. You will need to complete the pre-assessments just as your students would prior to starting the specific game.

To exit the game preview, select the 'X' icon at the top right of the window.

If you have played the game for at least 1 minute, you will be prompted to leave a game review. These reviews are valuable as they drive the content that we have available on our site. Your feedback is given directly back to the game developers!

For more information on game reviews, see this article.

To view a short clip of someone else playing through the game, select the Watch Preview button.

If you decide you would like to assign this game to your class, Get Link to Game button.

You can also add this game plus more games and assessments related to this topic to an assignment by clicking the Create Assignment button.

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