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Logging In

Where should I start?

Account Settings

Usernames & Passwords

User Status

Are you blocked or pending? What do these statuses mean?

Safety and Security of your Information

How do we protect your personal data?

Member Profiles

Learn how to create and update your learner profiles and landing page.

Deleting Your Account

How do I delete my account? What information will be saved on LeggUP?

Coaches' Landing Page

What is it? And how can I create it?

Enabling Payouts for Coaches

What can I do to enable my payouts?

How Coaches can Connect to Members

How do I build my Contact list?

Coaches: Communicating with Members

How to chat and send messages, files, and invoices.

Billing and Invoicing

How do I handle my invoices?


How do I access my payouts?

Scheduling Sessions

How do I set durations for my sessions?

Holding a session

These articles will help you successfully setup your team with coaching plans from LeggUP.

Enterprise Brief

All information contained in Enterprise Briefs is consider confidential and not for distribution. Enterprise Briefs are for the sole purpose of preparing the coach for a more impactful session with an enterprise member.