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Canvas 2.0

Introducing the New Canvas V2 🎨

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With Canvas V2, you can now make intricate adjustments to your images, remove unwanted elements, or even generate new content using advanced in-painting and out-painting techniques.

Let's take a quick look at the new and updated features/tools now available:

  • 3 Brand New Modes (Text2Img, Img2Img, Sketch2Img) 🤖

  • Major Improvements to Inpaint / Outpaint Functionality 🖌️

  • New Detailed Drawing Tools ✏️

  • New Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Editing Speed and Convenience ⌨️

  • Semi-Transparent Mask Effect to Better Identify Marked Area 🔍

  • Floating Toolbar for Easier Navigation and Use 🛠️

  • Alchemy Support for Text2Img + Img2Img Modes 🧪

Canvas Modes

The new canvas modes such as Text2img, img2img and sketch2img are easily accessed giving you an array of flexibility and choice when it comes to creating and editing in Canvas.

Text2img 💬

This brand-new feature allows you to use text prompts to generate a new image directly to the canvas itself, regardless of the surrounding context. This is a great option if you want to compare image styles for preference, or mix styles together, whilst avoiding the need to upload new images that have already been created.

Img2img 🖼️

The popular Image2Image feature allows you to generate an image based on the input of another image. With this feature, you can transform any image into a completely different style while retaining certain characteristics of the original. This feature is equally versatile for touch-ups or total re-imagination.

Sketch2Img ✍🏽

With Sketch2Img in Canvas V2, you can draw a concept as a sketch and use the drawing to generate a new image. This feature gives you deeper control over the elements that appear in your images and helps reduce the gap between imagination and creation, allowing you to bring the exact picture you have in your head to life. The detailed drawing tool also offers size and color options, giving you even more control over the final product.

Inpaint/Outpaint 🧑🏻‍🎨

Inpaint/Outpaint gives you full control over minor or major changes to your work. You can add small new elements, such as tiny gemstones to a large rock, or make large concept changes, such as changing the skyline from a sunny day to a stormy night.

This advanced feature allows you to expand significantly beyond the borders of the base image or subtly alter broad elements within it, while still honoring the original style and context of the content. This is an excellent option if you want to experiment with alternative interpretations of specific sections or accurately extend the overall scale of the image.

Support for all Finetuned Models:

Additionally, the newest update allows you to use all of your favorite platform models- including your own- within the canvas. This means you can perform text2img, img2img, and even inpainting and outpainting without having to worry about using a model that doesn't capture your style.

Alchemy support for Text2img + Img2img modes

Canvas V2 now also includes full support for high-quality pipeline Alchemy and all Prompt Magic options to ensure that you can fully match the style quality of your original creation with the post-production features of the editing suite.

Enhanced UI & Keyboard Shortcuts

Canvas V2 benefits from both an enhanced user interface and shortcuts, to make the whole editing process more convenient and less time-consuming. These include a floating toolbar and full colour/size options for sketches, which ensures that you have a large degree of control over generation results.

Enhanced UI (full-colour options, including hexadecimal RGB colour codes)

New keyboard shortcuts for PC / Mac to make editing more streamlined and dynamic

So now you know what great new features Canvas V2 is sporting, it’s time to get using it. So let’s dive into how it all works:

Watch the Full Stream here. Or read The Guide - How to use the new Canvas V2


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