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Introducing PhotoReal and additional platform improvements.

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Leonardo PhotoReal is a state-of-the-art pipeline crafted for those seeking lifelike or cinematic photography. This Finetuned Model and pipeline not only delivers photorealistic outputs but also infuses realism into various creative themes.

About PhotoReal

  • Premium Model: PhotoReal is a premium, fine-tuned model. When activated, it will automatically disable Prompt Magic V3.

  • Presets: Opt from presets such as Cinematic, Creative, and Vibrant to match your creative vision.

  • Enhanced Customization: Delve into deeper customization with features like Raw Mode and Depth of Field.

  • During the Beta phase, we’ve optimized settings and eliminated the need for negative prompts.

About PhotoReal V2

  • Premium Feature: PhotoReal V2 is a premium feature available to both paid users and free users with an Alchemy trial only.

  • Selectable Models: You can chose from three SDXL finetunes to use with PhotoReal V2. The three available models are: Leonardo Kino XL, Leonardo Vision XL, Leonardo Diffusion XL.

  • Super simplified: PhotoReal V2 only has a single option, making it an fuss free experience.

  • Additional Presets: An extended range of presets for different styles and moods. Choose the usual or pick from additional presets such as Bokeh, Long Exposure, Retro and much more.


PhotoReal simplifies the generation of photorealistic images without the need for complex prompt engineering. Users can simply request what they want to see, and the model does the heavy lifting.

How to Use Leonardo PhotoReal

  1. Activation: Enable PhotoReal via the Image Generation page. If you are using PhotoReal V2, you may select your preferred Model in the PhotoReal Settings popup.

    To use PhotoReal V1, simply select the V1 option found in the PhotoReal settings popup or under Featured Models. You can also “remix” using this model.

    ​PhotoReal V2:

    ​PhotoReal V1:

  2. Style Selection: Pick a style from the presets or dive into additional options for a unique creation. (PhotoReal V2 styles are depicted in the GIF below)

  3. Prompt Input: Start with simple prompts or delve into more intricate ones based on your goal.


PhotoReal V1 Settings

  • Depth of Field: This setting affects how blurry the background of the image will be. At lower settings the background will be blurry, while at the highest setting, most of the background would be in focus.

  • RAW Mode: It is recommended to disable RAW Mode only if you are using an long, complex prompt for better control and flexibility.

PhotoReal V2 Settings

  • Model: Select from three available finetuned models: Leonardo Kino XL, Leonardo Vision XL, Leonardo Diffusion X

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use Prompt Magic with PhotoReal?

  • This is an intentional design choice to optimize the performance of PhotoReal.

How much does it cost to use PhotoReal?

  • The base cost is 20 tokens per image. Please do note that the costs will vary based on the image dimensions.

Can I use Elements with PhotoReal?

  • You may use Elements (up to 4) as usual with PhotoReal.

Can I use Image Guidance with PhotoReal?

  • You may use Image Guidance with PhotoReal. Please consult the list below for the available guidance types:

    • Image to Image

    • Depth to Image*

    • Edge to Image*

    • Pose to Image*

    • Text Image Input*

      * Indicates premium only types.


Please share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with us to help make PhotoReal even better here.

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