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Prompt Magic v3

Feature Release: Prompt Magic v3

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Leonardo Prompt Magic v3 is a premium feature in the Leonardo creative suite. This proprietary pipeline takes your creative experience to new heights, ensuring better prompt adherence, higher image quality, and enhanced outputs using any model you choose.

About Prompt Magic v3:

  • Prompt Magic v3 is a proprietary pipeline that enhances the capabilities of any model you select. It becomes active only when Alchemy is turned on.

  • Ease of use: PMv3 is excellent for short prompts. It's perfect when you want specific effects on your images or better adherence to your prompts.

  • More customization: dive deeper with Raw Mode for complex prompts. Toggle it on for smoother performance if you are looking for a more descriptive experience.

  • Prompt Magic strength: utilize ****this option to control how PMv3 affects the output. A higher number implies a greater influence.


Prompt Magic v3 simplifies the generation of all kinds of images without the need for complex prompt engineering. It allows you to have more feel control over your prompts, which means you can explore your creative ideas without getting bogged down in technical details.

How to Use Leonardo Prompt Magic v3

  1. To enable PMv3, activate Alchemy and then proceed to the Prompt Magic Toggle.

  2. If you choose Prompt Magic without activating Alchemy, PMv3 won’t be enabled.

  3. Use the Prompt Magic Strength slider to control how PMv3 influences the output.

  4. Turn on Raw Mode only if you're interested in experimenting with longer, complex prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I use Prompt Magic v3?

    Answer: use it for interesting concepts or when you seek enhanced prompt adherence. Examples could include "mammoth walking down the streets of Moscow" or "monster burger eating itself".

  2. Can I use Prompt Magic with PhotoReal?

    Answer: Activating Prompt Magic will automatically deactivate PhotoReal. This is an intentional design choice to optimize the performance of both pipelines.

  3. How much does it cost to use Prompt Magic v3?

    Answer: 1 image = 16 tokens.

  4. What does the BETA phase mean for users?

    Answer: Prompt Magic v3 is currently in its development phase. Although the tool is fully functional, there may be continual updates as we continue to develop it.


As Prompt Magic v3 is in its BETA phase, we encourage and value user feedback. Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with us to help make it even better here

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