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Introducing Elements - Our Low-Rank Adaption (LoRA) model system

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Release Date: Sept 27th


Elements is Leonardo.Ai's custom implementation of Low-Rank Adaption (LoRA) models, offering a highly efficient and resource-friendly approach to nuanced image generation. It allows precise and intricate control over the style and visual outcome of generated images with the simple addition of dynamic modifiers.

With Elements, users can seamlessly blend various model styles to produce unique results that align perfectly with their creative vision.

About Elements

  • LoRA Integration: Leonardo.Ai has integrated 18 LoRA models during the beta, with many more currently under review to be added for public release. 4 of which are SDXL compatible, 1 compatible with SD2.1 models and 13 which are compatible with SD1.5 based models.

  • Adding Elements: Users can customise their own artistic style by clicking the new 'Add Elements' button, conveniently located under the prompt generation input of the 'AI Image Generation' page.

  • Style Categories: Select one or combine multiple compatible Elements from a diverse library of finessing tools and artistic styles, such as "Baroque" and "Lunar Punk."

  • Weight Adjustment: Elements can be fine-tuned via relative weights, allowing users to find the perfect balance for their creations. Do note that some LoRAs have an different effect when a negative value is used, something that can be explored by the user.


Elements streamlines the creation of highly customized artwork and versatile workflows right from the AI Image Generation page. Users can simply select their preferred styles and adjust the weights; the integrated LoRA models then influence the output behind the scenes, all while allowing the user the flexibility of being able to use their favorite model.

Effectively, Elements allows users to create more unique outputs with their favorite finetuned model, providing more nuanced and granular control than can be achieved by using just a finetuned model alone.

List of Elements Available

SD1.5 compatible Elements

  • Baroque

  • Biopunk

  • Celtic Punk

  • Crystalline

  • Ebony & Gold

  • Gingerbread

  • Glass & Steel

  • Inferno

  • Ivory & Gold

  • Lunar Punk

  • Pirate Punk

  • Tiki

  • Toxic Punk

SD2.1 compatible Elements

  • Surreal Collage

SDXL compatible Elements

  • Coloring Book

  • Folk Art Illustration

  • Kids Illustration

  • Toon & Anime

  • Vintage Christmas Illustration

  • Cybertech (New)

  • Fantasy Icons (New)

  • Colorpop (New)

  • 3D Sculpt (New)

  • Glasscore (New)

  • Simple icons (New)

  • Vintage Photography (New)

  • Dark Arts (New)

  • Cute Emotes (New)

  • Dragon Scales (New)

  • Simple Flat Illustration (New)

  • Sparklecore (New)

  • Colorful Scribbles (New)

  • CGI Noir (New)

  • Oldschool Comic (New)

  • Digital Painting (New)

  • Glowwave (New)

  • Solarpunk (New)

  • Psychedelic Art (New)

  • Fiery Flames (New)

  • Soft Pastel Anime (New)

  • Modern Analog Photography (New)

How to Use Elements

  1. Activation: Enable Elements easily via the AI Image Generation page. Just click the ‘Add Elements’ button below the text prompt bar.

  2. Mix and Match: Select up to 4 Elements to combine them together. You can experiment to find different styles and combinations that you like.

  3. Strength: Adjust the weights for each Element to fine-tune and find the perfect balance for your needs. (Note: some Elements work well with negative weighting!)

  4. Generate: Click ‘Generate’ and see the results in seconds!

💡 Leonardo's tip: Our recommended values for weight are typically around 0.2~0.8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I use certain Elements together?

  • Due to their base models, some Elements are incompatible with certain finetuned models and as such would produce poor generation results. The platform will automatically grey these incompatible combinations out. Any incompatible elements will not be used if selected.

How much does an Element generation cost?

  • Currently usage of Elements does not incur additional token costs.


Elements is in its beta-release phase, we encourage and value user feedback. Please share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with us to help make Elements even better here.

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