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Realtime Canvas

Feature Release: Realtime Canvas - Live drawing, now on Leonardo.Ai

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Realtime Canvas is our implementation of the latest innovations in Image-to-Image transformation technology. This feature is designed to convert drawings into stunning artworks nearly instantaneously, revolutionizing how users interact with AI for image generation. It offers an immersive, intuitive creative process that feels natural like painting on a digital canvas.

About Realtime Canvas

  • Real-Time Mode (Premium Feature): As you sketch, Realtime Canvas turns each brushstroke into detail in near real-time.

  • Interactive Mode: While you interact with the canvas through clicks, drags, and moves, Realtime Canvas intelligently waits for your actions to complete before instantly transforming your sketches into detailed artwork.

  • Realtime Gen (New): Quickly add image elements without having to draw them manually with the Realtime Gen tool, now within Realtime Canvas.

  • Drawing Capability & Primitive Shapes (Coming Soon): Enhance your sketches with a range of drawing tools and primitive shapes for richer artistic expression.

  • Layers & Layer Organization (Coming Soon): Similar to Photoshop, work with layers in a user-friendly interface to build complex images.

  • Refinement & Personalization: Enhance the overall quality of your artwork with our very own Alchemy Refiner, which not only refines the generated image output but also automatically saves the enhanced output to your Personal Feed for easy access and further customization. Two refinement options are available right in Realtime Canvas, Normal and Creative.

  • Style Presets: Switch between different style presets for creative variations of the same sketch.

  • Efficient UI: Upload images, work within a structured space, and control your view with a split-screen interface for precision and ease.

  • Screen Input (Coming Soon): Utilize all your favorite creative applications as an input for Realtime Canvas. Blender, Microsoft Paint, you name it!

  • Advanced Options: Randomize the seed for new outcomes, or use a fixed seed so you can modify the existing output without it changing drastically. Adjust the Guidance to adjust both prompt adherence and the amount of details in the image.


Enhanced Creative Expression: Realtime Canvas puts you in the driver's seat of creativity, providing tools to instantly transform your imagination into visual reality.

Better Color Control: With Realtime Canvas, it's much easier to dictate what colors a certain area of your image should be in. The lower the Creativity Strength, the more adherent to the sketch Realtime Canvas will be.

Real-Time Ideation: Ideating through sketching has never been faster. Even with just splashes of color, Realtime Canvas is capable of turning those into detailed artwork. Include a prompt for more relevancy to what you'd like to see or let Realtime Canvas freely interpret your sketch by not entering a prompt.

Image Editing: With Realtime Canvas, you can refine the outputs further by using the Output to Input and then making changes to it by sketching on top of it, allowing you to create an feedback loop of constant editing. Got your own artwork? Realtime Canvas allows you to upload an image to do just that too.

How to use Realtime Canvas

  1. Launch it: On the main page, click on Realtime Canvas in the left sidebar.

  2. Draw it: Select the brush tool, pick any color and start drawing; or upload an existing image to start with. Enter a prompt if you are looking for something specific. Watch as Realtime Canvas magically updates the output as you go!

  3. Tweak it: Adjust the Guidance in the advanced settings menu, Style preset and Creativity Strength if needed, and as a paid user, enable the High Quality option if preferred. These settings affect the output in different ways.

  4. Save it: Press on the Upscale Image button to save the result to your Personal Feed and generate an refined, larger version of the result. (You may also choose to download the result on it's own instead with the download button on the top right corner.) You may also opt to use the Instant Refine button and download the result.

How to use Realtime Canvas (iOS)

  1. Launch it: On the main section of the app, tap on Canvas on the bottom.

  2. Draw it: Tap on the 📝 button, type in what you want to see in the prompt input and tap Done. Start drawing and watch as Realtime Canvas turns your scribbles into an finished image. You can select the drawing tool of your choice from the tool palette at the bottom.

  3. Style it: By tapping the 📝 button, you can select an Style to change the style of the output image in the following menu.

  4. Tweak it: Tap on the settings button. In the following menu you can adjust Creativity and Guidance levels or change the Background Color.

  5. Save it: Tap on the ✨ button to instantly refine the output or tap on the 💾 button to open the Alchemy Refiner settings. Through this, you can both refine the output and save it to your Personal Feed.

Using Inpaint Mode

  1. Getting Started: To use inpaint mode, you may either start with an existing output on Realtime Canvas or pick an existing image from your device.

  2. Initiate: Select the Inpaint option above the drawing region to enter the Inpaint mode.

  3. Paint: Draw the changes you would like to make, and include an prompt if needed. If it is just an change of color, an prompt may not be required.

  4. Define: Adjust the Inpaint Stength to your liking. The higher the Inpaint Stength, the more the result may deviate from your drawn inputs. Lower values will generate an result closer to the input but may be at the expense of quality. In the advanced settings menu, use the 🔄 button (enable Fixed Seed first) to get variations of the inpainting result and adjust the Guidance for prompt adherence and detail level.

  5. Stylize: Pick an style preset of your choice if you would like to apply an specific style the inpaint regions of the output.

  6. Refine: Use either Instant Refine to get an higher quality result or save the result and refine it clicking on Upscale Image.

  7. To be continued: Switch back to Draw mode if you would like to continue drawing over the inpaint result. Note that this will automatically set your inpaint output as the input image for Draw mode.

    If you would like to continue inpainting use the Output to Input option instead. This is useful when you would like to add completely different elements or use another prompt for inpainting with.

💡 Leonardo's Tip #1: An value range of 0.45-0.75 for Inpaint Strength is typically adequate. Experimentation is key to finding what's best for your image.

💡 Leonardo's Tip #2: You can use Instant Refine on the inpaint result before switching to Draw mode for an higher quality input image.

Realtime Gen

  1. Initiate: On the left toolbar, select the Realtime Gen tool. You may resize the generation box to your liking or do so after.

  2. Prompt: Enter your prompt and press Done. If the result is not satisfactory, press on Regenerate instead till you get an result you like.

⚠️ Notice: The prompt used in the Realtime Gen tool does not affect the final output result. The generated image will also typically vary in the final output unless the Creativity Strength is drastically reduced.

Remove Background

  1. Click on the Select tool and click on the image layer you want, then click on the Remove Background option.

  2. You may move the image around and resize it afterwards. Do note that you can also re-order the image layers by pressing the or buttons.

Tools and settings

  • Realtime Canvas Editor: Easily choose your brush size and color. Undo a brushstroke or edit with the eraser; upload images and with the select tool, reposition elements in the editor with simple clicks and drags.

  • Realtime Gen (New): Add image elements without having to draw them manually with the Realtime Gen tool by using text prompts.

  • Remove Background (New): Easily integrate an image, generated or non-generated into your canvas by quickly removing the background with a single click.

  • Output to Input: Seamlessly use your generated artwork as a new canvas, making further edits and enhancements effortlessly.

  • Guidance Strength Control: Adjust how closely your artwork aligns with the text prompt – higher values for greater adherence.

  • High Quality (Premium Feature): Increases the output resolution to 640×640px and also boosts the quality at an small expense of performance.

  • Use Fixed Seed Option: Maintain consistency in your creations or explore variations by adjusting the seed used for image generation.

  • Creativity Strength Slider: Find the perfect balance between strict adherence to your input and the AI’s creative interpretation.

  • Style Presets: Quickly apply a specific style to your creation without complex prompts for effortless and distinct artistry.

  • Instant Refine: Refines the output within the canvas and increases it's resolution to 1024×1024px. Has no token cost.

  • Upscale Image: Saves your output image to your Personal Feed while also running Alchemy Refiner on it based on your chosen settings.

    • Smooth Mode: Great for improving hands and faces and overall image coherence and works best with airbrushed and vector style images. This mode has a tendency to eradicate details so may not be suitable for certain styles that are heavy on detail.

💡 Leonardo's Tip #1: If you are sketching using brushstrokes, it would be best to fill in the shapes you draw for better overall output

​💡 Leonardo's Tip #2: You can refine your line drawing by prompting using terms like line drawing, line art and manga.

And if you would like to colorize it, you can do so by using the output as an input and coloring on top of it with an semi-opaque brush. (Reduce Creativity Strength to below 0.6 for best results)

​💡 Leonardo's Tip #3: Once you have refined your output image, it is possible to go to your Personal Feed and use the other post processing options on it such as the regular upscale options (eg: Creative, Crisp) or send it to the AI Image Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tokens does it cost to use Realtime Canvas?

  • There are no token costs involved asides from the Upscale Image feature which costs 8 tokens.

How do I manage my layers?

  • Currently it is not possible to do so intuitively through the UI, however an interface for managing layers will be added in the future.

Realtime Canvas isn't adhering to my sketch / input image well enough

  • In such cases, reducing the Creativity Strength to about 0.6 or lower may help, though the output may not look as good since Realtime Canvas will be more reliant on the quality of your input for the outcome.

What is the resolution of the output images?

  • Output images are 512×512px in resolution and 640×640px when the High Quality option is enabled. Instant Refine outputs are 1024×1024px in resolution, while upscaled outputs are 1496×1496px.


Realtime Canvas is in Early Access and as such, we would love to know if you run into any issues or have any other general thoughts about this exciting feature. We have so much more in store for this feature for everyone, do look forward to them!

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

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