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Universal Upscaler

Feature Release: Universal Upscaler - Our best upscaler yet.

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The Universal Upscaler is Leonardo.Ai's most advanced upscaling feature.

This innovative upscaling tool enables you to enhance the quality and resolution of any image of your choice, be it on the app or from your device. Universal Upscaler also includes customizable settings, allowing you to tweak how your image should be upscaled to your liking.

About Universal Upscaler

  • Have it your way: With several adjustable settings, you have the freedom to choose how your upscale should be done.

  • Pick an image, any image: Unlike Leonardo.Ai's other upscaling tools, Universal Upscaler works with uploaded images too.

  • Spot the difference: With the intuitive comparative view, drag the slider across the result to compare the changes to the image before and after the upscaling process, switch to an side by side view or just the upscale result itself. Zoom and pan (by clicking and dragging) to have an even closer look.

  • Dedicated Feed: Easily view all your results in one place with the dedicated Upscaled Feed.

¹ Multiplier range will vary depending on the resolution of the original image.


The Universal Upscaler is vital for professionals who require high-resolution, clear images for their work. It offers:

  • Enhanced Image Quality: Elevate the resolution and clarity of images, crucial for professionals in graphic design, photography, and digital art.

  • User-Controlled Customization: Tailor the upscaling process to your specific needs with adjustable settings.

  • Efficient Workflow Integration: Seamlessly incorporate high-quality images into professional projects, enhancing overall work quality and presentation.

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: Intuitive design and user interface, making advanced image upscaling accessible to a broad range of users.

How to use Universal Upscaler

  1. Launch: On the main page, click on Universal Upscaler in the left sidebar.

  2. Select image: Click on Add Image in the Source Image section of the sidebar on the left or the Add an Image button. Select an image from your device or pick one from the app, then click Confirm.

  3. Tweak: Adjust the Upscaler Style, Creativity Strength and Upscale Multiplier amount to your preferences.

  4. Initiate: Click on Upscale Image.

  5. Save: Your upscale results are automatically saved to your Personal Feed. To download the image, simply click on the download button on the upper right corner.

💡 Leonardo's Tip: The higher the Creativity Scale, the more Universal Upscaler may deviate from the original image. Keep the Creativity Scale low if you want an result closer to the original image.


  • Creativity Strength: This determines how liberal Universal Upscaler can be with filling in additional details of the image when upscaling it.

  • Upscaler Style: Style presets that help determine what sort of style should be used when upscaling the image.

  • Upscale Multiplier: Allows you to determine how large the image should be upscaled by increments of 0.25x, from 1.00x onwards*.

  • Prompt: An optional setting, useful if you require a prompt to guide the upscaler. It is generally recommended to leave this empty.

* Upscale Multiplier range will vary depending on the resolution of the original image, currently capped at 2x.

⚠️ Notice: The Prompt feature should only be used in cases where something in the image is constantly misinterpreted by the upscaler. When utilizing the prompt feature, the use of concise prompts that provide a general description of the image is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tokens does it cost for each upscale?

  • The base cost is 30 tokens.* (Please note that this is subject to change in the future)

What are the supported image file formats for uploading?

  • .jpeg, .png and webp.

What is the file format of the output image?

  • The output file is in .jpeg format and in 8bit colorspace.

Would my uploaded images be stored on the Leonardo.Ai servers?

  • Uploaded images are stored on our servers, users have the option to delete them through the image upload popup.

Is Universal Upscaler better than Alchemy Refiner?

  • Both Alchemy Refiner and Universal Upscaler are excellent for photorealistic images. If you would like something more straightforward, Alchemy Refiner should be more than adequate. However, Universal Upscaler is more versatile and highly recommended for other styles of imagery and for larger resolution outputs.

Where can I find my existing upscaled images outside of Universal Upscaler?

  • If you had upscaled an image from your device, it will be saved to your Personal Feed. To find it easily, simply switch to the Upscaled filter.

    If it is an image generated on Leonardo, you may view it by clicking on the original image and selecting Universal Upscaler under the image variations drop-down menu in the image details popup.


We would love to know if you run into any issues or have any other general thoughts about this feature.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

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