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Enhancing Your Images with Leonardo.Ai
Enhancing Your Images with Leonardo.Ai

Learn how to refine your generations with our post-processing tools

Written by Marc Santos
Updated over a week ago

After creating a wonderful image, you may require an upscaled version for printing or a no background version for compositing. Within the web application, you can directly upscale an image using our AI postprocessing tools.

1. Using Alchemy Upscale

Navigate to the AI Image Generation Page and choose an image to upscale. Hover on the image to reveal the Alchemy Upscaler icon. Click on the icon.

Click on the Upscale button to start generating the upscaled version.

Once the upscale is ready, click on the image again. On the lower right, you would be able to toggle between the original image and the upscaled version.

The Alchemy Upscaler both upscales and refines your image. Faces and hands are also improved as part of the refining process.

Looking for a more powerful upscaler? Try the Universal Upscaler.

2. Using Remove Background

Hover on the image to reveal the Remove Background icon. Click on the icon.

Wait for a few seconds. Once ready, the message on the icon will change. Click on the icon again. This opens up a no background version of your image.

⚠️ Note: Background removal works best when the image has a focal subject.

In this guide, you learned how to post-process your images using tools within Leonardo.Ai. You learned how to upscale and refine your image for projects requiring larger images. And you learned how to remove the background for adding in a different background, or making new composition.

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