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Feature release: Transparency - Generate images with transparency!

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Introducing Transparency, Leonardo.Ai's latest feature for generating images with a transparent background. With Transparency, you can now easily generate image assets you can instantly use in your image and video compositions without the hassle of removing the background.

About Transparency

  • One Click Functionality: Simply enable Transparency to use it.

  • Compatible with Elements*: Transparency is compatible with a number of Elements. (Please consult the list below)

  • Use any Model*: Transparency works with both SDXL and SD1.5 based models.

  • Transparency Effects: Transparency may be able to create transparent effects on certain subject matter such as glass.


  • Quality: Directly generating transparent images eliminates the quality compromise and additional work involved in background removal, ensuring pristine visuals out of the gate

  • Design with ease: Images with transparent backgrounds can be effortlessly placed over diverse backdrops, enhancing versatility in design, gaming and video projects

  • Versatility: The ability to produce transparent characters, art, textures and objects opens up a new realm of creative expression, allowing you to layer images with ease and broadening the scope of image generation

Use Case Examples

Transparency can be utilized to quickly create assets that can be used in countless ways such as:

  • Assets for Image and Video compositions: Easily generate assets that can be added into existing image compositions for matte paintings or graphic design projects or included in videos.

  • 2D Game Assets: Easily generate assets such as icons and illustrations that can be readily included in games.

  • Stickers and prints: Easily create stickers that can be used in chat apps or print them. Generate designs that can be used for prints on items such as shirts or mugs.

  • Editorial: Easily include images into bodies of text that can be aligned to the flow of the images. Quickly put together an banner image for your article without the fuss of background removal.

Compatibility List

Transparency works optimally with certain Finetuned Models and Elements. Below are some things to note in order to get the best results out of this feature.

Recommended Finetuned Models: Leonardo Kino XL, Leonardo Vision XL and AlbedoBase XL

Lowering the strength of Elements typically increases chances of satisfactory results.

SDXL Elements (Ordered by least compatible to most compatible):




Simple Flat Illustration





Dependent on Settings

Vintage Christmas



Dark Arts


May include additional visual elements asides from the main subject.

Kids Illustration



Cute Emotes


May take a few attempts to generate a decent result.

Dragon Scales



Colorful Scribbles


Dependent on prompt

Vintage Photography


Best used at lower strengths, around .50 and below.

Simple Icons


Use with AlbedoBase XL, set Preset to None. Do not use with Leonardo Style.

3D Sculpt / Folk Art / Fantasy Icons


May leave semi-transparent artifacts or shadows around the subject.

Toon & Anime


Reduce strength to around .6 for best results, tendency to distort colors at higher strengths.



Glass parts of the image are not made transparent.

Coloring Page


Only makes the surroundings of the subject transparent, does not entirely remove the white background and retain only the line art.



Has a high tendency to include a background.

Additional things to note:

  • Currently it is most optimal to use Transparency with Alchemy disabled.

  • Certain prompts and image settings will work better than others.

How to use Transparency

  1. Navigate: On the main page, click on Image Generation in the left sidebar.

  2. Initiate: Enable Transparency in the left sidebar.

  3. Generate: Enter your prompt and select your model of choice and additional settings as usual and generate.

⚠️ Important: For best results, avoid including mentions of backgrounds or environments in your prompt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations?

  • Answer: There are currently no limitations for users.

What are the token costs?

  • Answer: Currently there are no additional token costs for using Transparency.

Which file formats are available?

  • Answer: Images generated with Transparency are available solely in the .PNG format.

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