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Identify areas for improvement and improve training strategies with this data dashboard

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What Is the Insights Dashboard?

Insights were created to bring training data into one easy-to-use dashboard.

This screenshot shows the default view of the Insights page in the Lessonly interface.

The Insights dashboard confers three major advantages:

  1. Obtain a clear view of engagement, satisfaction, and usage.

  2. Locate areas for improvement by discovering which lessons, employees, and teams are thriving or underperforming.Β 

  3. Apply the data from Insights to improve training strategies, and develop the next steps moving forward.Β 

Dashboard Contents

The Insights dashboard contain numerous resources to help you identify trends, patterns, and actionable insights in your account's aggregated training data.

  • Lesson Views

  • Searches

  • Active User Report

  • Completed Assignments

  • Overdue Assignments

  • Learner Satisfaction (charts lesson ratings)

  • Feedback Criteria

  • All Activities Report

    • contains Ask the Expert questions, Learn lesson views, and flipcard/reveal use

  • Knowledge Check Attempts

  • Training Activity (organized by tag)

  • On-Demand Practice User Report

  • On-Demand Practice Scenarios Report

  • Learners Requesting and Receiving Feedback

  • In Person Events Attendance Report

  • All Lesson Report

    • Note: this can only be currently enabled for customers with less than 250 monthly active users

πŸŒ… Insights reports are updated daily at 5:11 am EST, and 5:11 pm EST. These updates should be visible in your account by 6 am and 6 pm EST.Β πŸŒƒ

Important Notes

  • The All Activities Report displays data from the previous calendar month.

  • The Knowledge Check Attempts report is updated daily at 2 am EST.

  • The Learner Satisfaction report must be separately enable. See this article to learn how.

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