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Collaborate with other creators by sharing your content with them

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Sharing ownership of content extends certain permissions to the person with whom content is shared, namely the ability to view, edit, or assign content to users they oversee. These permissions can be shared whether the recipient helped originate the content or not.

Admins and users with content permissions automatically have ownership of all lessons, paths, and practice scenarios in their Seismic Learning accounts. Content ownership needn't be shared with such users.

How to Share Ownership of a Lesson 

To share ownership of a lesson, navigate to the lesson overview page, then locate the Share Ownership header in the right-hand menu. Search for the people or groups with whom you wish to share ownership by entering their names in the search box, as pictured below.

Owners are sorted into three different categories: those such as admins who automatically have ownership of content; those who've inherited ownership of a lesson by virtue of its being included in a path they own; and those with whom ownership has been shared.

To remove an owner, select the gear icon next to their name. This will populate a pop-up menu from which Remove Ownership can be selected.

The pop-up menu includes a second option, Share access to lesson activity. Read on to learn about this feature.

Sharing Access to Lesson Activity

Sharing access to lesson activity allows users in manager, creator, or custom roles to view leaners' completion and answer data without managing the learners directly. This feature is only available on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

To share lesson activity with another user, begin by sharing ownership of the lesson as described above. Afterward, select the gear icon next to the user's name in the list of shared owners, then select Share Access to Lesson Activity.

A chip that reads "can view activity" will appear alongside the user's name. This mean the user can see:

  • Users who've completed the lesson,

  • Responses to quiz questions, and

  • Learner engagement statistics.

Users with whom lesson activity has been shared won't be notified of this action, but when they next log in, they can navigate to the lesson overview page and view activity data as an admin would.

🚨 Known Issues: As of November 2022, users who've been given access to lesson activity, but lack manager rights over a group of users, cannot view "Question Performance" data or responses to "Non-Graded Questions." This bug has been reported to the Learning dev team but there is no ETA on a fix.

How to Share Ownership of a Path

Sharing ownership of a path is similar to sharing ownership of a lesson. Navigate to the path overview page, then locate Path Owners from the right-hand menu. Select Edit, then add the names of people with whom you wish to share ownership.

💡 Tip: Sharing ownership of a path will share ownership of all lessons in that path.

To remove ownership, select the three dot icon next to the user's name, then click Remove Ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I share content ownership in bulk?

A. Yes. See this article for more information.

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