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What Is the Element Library?

The element library allows you to save lesson elements as templates that can be quickly and easily deployed when building lessons. A well-stocked element library accelerates the creation process and promotes consistency across your learning content.

Depicts a library in Orchard, Singapore. The library contains white shelves of a sinuous, wave-like shape.

Stocking the Element Library

Once you've built an element to your liking, you can save it to the library by selecting the copy icon. A tooltip that reads "Add to Element Library" will appear when you mouse over the icon.

After selecting on the Element Library, a pop-up module will appear prompting the user to insert a title and description if applicable.

💡 Important Note: This view is different for a text element. For more information on adding text elements to the Element Library, check out this article.

Once the element has been added they can be added to other parts of the lesson or into a new lesson. Watch the brief tutorial below to follow along.

How to Remove Elements from the Element Library

To delete a saved element, open the Element Library from the lesson builder, then select the element you wish to remove.

An X will appear on the right-hand side of the element. Select the X and the element will be removed from the library.

The removal process is slightly different for text elements that have been saved to the Element Library. Instead of an X, a pencil icon will appear. Selecting this icon will launch the element builder. From here, select the vertical ellipses in the upper-right corner of this screen. Doing so will give you the option to delete the text element from the library.

Note that deleting an element from the Element Library does not delete the element from the lesson(s) it lives in. It only removes your ability to use the element as a template.

Important Note: If you encounter the following error when deleting elements from the library––"There was a problem deleting your content. Please try again"––it means you aren't the element's original creator. To delete such elements, you must contact the original owner and ask him or her to remove it.

Your Saved Elements vs. All Saved Elements

When adding elements to a new lesson a user is able to switch from "Your Saved Elements" to "All Saved Elements." This is beneficial if another lesson builder saved an element for others to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change an existing template element into a linked element after it has already been created?

A. It's not possible to convert a template element into a linked element (or vice-versa), but you can quickly recreate the element and give it Linked status by adding the element to a lesson, then saving it to the Element Library. The new linked element will then need to be added to all lessons in which it should be included.

Q. Can I save images to the Element Library?

A. No, but only because images have their own dedicated repository! Click here to learn more about Lessonly's image library.

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