How to Download Lessons as PDF Files

Create lesson artifacts that can be shared or stored externally

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On the lesson overview page:

  1. Select Share.

  2. Select Download Lesson PDF from the dropdown menu.

This screenshot shows the location of the Share and Download Lesson PDF buttons on the lesson overview page.

The exported PDF file will include most lesson contents, e.g., text, images, and quiz questions. Video files and interactive objects will not be included except as links or textual representations.

This image shows what an exported lesson looks like. In particular, it shows how embedded video files and interactive objects are rendered when exported to PDF.

Note: Lesson drafts cannot be downloaded as PDFs. Only published content can be exported.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can paths be downloaded as PDF files?

A. No, each lesson in a path must be downloaded individually.

Q. Who can download lessons?

A. Only users in admin and manager roles can download lesson PDFs. In order to allow other users to download lessons, an admin or manager could download the lesson as a PDF file, then upload that PDF to the same lesson via the document element. Remember that lessons and PDF artifacts aren't synchronous. Any time you update a lesson you'll need to update the attached PDF too.

Q. I'm trying to download a lesson but the process keeps timing out. Why?

A. Lesson conversions often time out when the file is too large. Although files aren't limited to a particular size, larger files are more likely to time out after 90 seconds or so. We recommend keeping files under 100 MB to avoid this. Learning doesn't currently estimate the size of downloaded lessons, but removing large files such as images and videos will increase the likelihood that your PDF downloads successfully.

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