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Allow users to complete lessons on their own terms

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Why Add Content as Optional Learning?

Some learning content is mission critical and must be assigned, lessons enhancing employee knowledge and know-how, for instance. Other lessons are valuable but supplemental, even optional. Such content is ideally suited for the Additional Learning section of the Learn tab.

By making such content optional, you create a searchable repository that learners can access as they please. Optional content may include backgrounders, onboarding resources, HR policies, and other kinds of internal documentation. Users can review these lessons at their convenience, no assignment necessary.

💡 Important Note: You must have content ownership permissions to add optional content.

How to Add Optional Content

Navigate to the lesson overview page. Locate Add to Learn among the administrative controls in the right-hand navigation menu. Add the user group(s) with whom you wish to share optional content.

💡 Tip: To make content available to all users, type "Everyone" in the Add to Learn field. This option is only available to admins and users with people permissions.

Here's how Add to Learn appears on the Lesson Overview page.

And here's how it appears on the Path or Certification Overview.

Note: When adding a path as optional content, its step order––that is, whether steps must be taken in sequence––will default to Steps can be taken in any order regardless of the original setting.

Step order is not overridden when content is assigned, only when paths are added as optional content.

Find Optional Content on the Learn Tab

When browsing the Learn tab, you may see four different categories depending on your company's method of organizing content. These categories include:

  1. Incomplete Assignments: This tier consists of assigned content that users have yet to complete.

  2. Featured Learning Content: Suppose you want to focus learner attention on a particular piece of content without assigning it. In that case, you'll want to showcase it as featured content. When a lesson is featured, it appears in a special tier that takes precedence over topics and additional learning content.

  3. Topics: Think of topic cards as the books of your content library. Each 'book' contains related paths and lessons––chapters, to extend the metaphor––putting them in one easy-to-find place. Topics are created by tags. When tagged content has been either assigned or designated as optional learning, all content with the same tag will be sorted into a topic card of the same name.

  4. Additional Learning Content: Consists of all content a user can access including completed assignments and optional learning.

💡 Important Note: Contents on the Learn tab are organized by priority. Suppose Lesson X is made available to all learners as additional learning content, but the lesson is assigned to Joe Public. In this case, Lesson X will appear among Joe's incomplete assignments. The same piece of content will not appear in both categories at once.

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