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Recover user accounts and restore them to active status

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Users aren't deleted in Seismic Learning, they're archived. This makes it easy to restore a user's account should the need arise. This article outlines the process of restoring archived users and addresses a commonly encountered error, "Email has already been taken."

πŸ“ Note: Users with people management permissions can restore archived users.

Locating the Archive

Restore archived users by navigating to the archives, located in the lower right corner of the People page.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Need to restore content? The content archives can be found in the same location of the Content page. See this article for more information.

In the archives, ensure the filter type is set to user, then search the user's name.

πŸ“ Note: You can't locate archived users by searching their email addresses.

After locating the user select their name. This will open the user's overview page. In the command bar, select Restore.

Doing so will return the user to the People page and active status in your tenant.


Q. I'm trying to add a new user but Learning throws the following error: "Validation failed: Email has already been taken." I've checked the users in my account but no one has the email address I'm trying to use. What gives?

A. You're seeing this error because you're attempting to register an email address that's already been recorded in your tenant. Because Learning employs email addresses as unique identifiers, only one may exist per user. This applies even to users that have been archived. In other words, the email address you're trying to use is probably associated with a user who's been archived. To free such an email address for reuse, you must:

  1. Restore the archived user following the instructions in this article.

  2. Access the restored user's profile and change their email address.

    1. Add a fake email address to the profile, something that's not likely to be used in the future.

  3. Save the restored user's profile, then archive it again.

  4. Add a new user with the email address you just freed up.

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