What Is the Share Link?

The share link is a stable URL that you can share in order to assign training content. When learners click a share link, they'll be prompted to log in to Lessonly or create an account, whereupon the content will be automatically assigned. Thereafter, the learner will see the assignment on their Learn page.

Users with people management rights can generate share links. πŸ”—

πŸ’‘ Tip: Want to share content with someone who lacks a Lessonly account? Send a preview link instead.

Locating the Share Link

Sharing a Lesson: From the lesson overview page, select the Share button from the command bar, then select the radio button next to "Anyone with Link." A URL, the share link, will be generated.

Sharing a Path: Locate the Sharing module in the settings menu of the path overview page. Click "Edit," then select the radio button next to "Content will be assigned to users who click this link; In-progress users will not be restarted."

The module will refresh with a share link and the following label: "Anyone can view this Path using this link." Copy this URL and share it with your learners.

How Share Links Function

  • If a user has not accessed content prior to selecting a share link, the content will be automatically assigned and appear on the user's Learn page.

  • If a user selects a share link to a lesson or path they've already completed as optional learning, their progress will not be restarted.

  • If a user completes Lesson A through any source, and then clicks the share link of any path containing Lesson A, the user's progress will not be restarted. In other words, Lesson A will remain completed.

  • Suppose a user completes Path A through any source, and then selects the share link of Path B, which has similar lessons. In such a scenario, the user's progress in lessons that fall in both paths will not be restarted.

  • If a user completes a parent Path A, which contains nested paths, and then selects the share link of one of the nested paths, the user's progress through lessons in the subpath will not be restarted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will learners be notified by email after accepting an assignment via share link?

A. No, an assignment email will not be triggered when the user clicks the link.

Q. Can I use a share link to register new users for a Lessonly account?

A. Yes! You can use the Share Link to register new users with your Lessonly account. To do so, add /login?view=signup to the end of the Share Link, then share the modified URL with learners. They'll be navigated to Lessonly's account creation page.

Questions? Contact the Support team at support@lessonly.com

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