Give Feedback on Practice Scenarios

Request feedback from peers to provide insight on strengths and weaknesses in on-demand practice scenarios.

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About Practice Scenario Feedback

With On-Demand Practice Feedback, learners can request and receive feedback from individuals within their organization on their On-Demand Practice scenarios attempts.

Since these scenarios are not assigned nor graded, the user can receive feedback from their peer(s), and then attempt again before potentially answering an assigned practice attempt.

Add Peer Reviewers to Practice Scenarios

Creators of on-demand practice scenarios have the option to add peers, managers, or groups to provide feedback. When creating the scenario, the creator can type in the names of the individuals or the groups of users they would like to be able to provide feedback.

There is no limit on how many feedback providers can be added to a scenario.

Request Feedback

When users or groups are added as feedback providers, the learner is presented with two options: Save and Ask for Feedback or Save without Feedback.

If the user chooses to ask for feedback, they are prompted to input the name of user(s) they are requesting feedback from and an optional message to include.

Note: When typing in the reviewer box, names auto-populate if they have been added as a feedback provider.

If feedback providers have not been added to a scenario, the user will not have the option to ask for feedback.

Feedback Notifications

When a user selects to receive feedback, the feedback provider(s) receive an email notifying them they were requested to give feedback. Once they provide feedback, an email is sent back to the user letting them know to view the feedback provided.

After selecting "Click here to view feedback," the user is navigated to their practice scenario to view the feedback provided. When multiple pieces of feedback have been provided, the user can scroll through each piece of feedback. 

Users can also access feedback by selecting into a scenario on their Learn tab, and selecting "View Feedback."

Provide Feedback

After feedback providers receive the email prompting them to provide feedback, the user is navigated to the feedback page.

The user can then outline what went really well and what could be improved.

Responses Awaiting Feedback

Feedback requests are represented as request cards on the On-Demand Practice page. 

The cards show the name of the practice scenario, the user requesting feedback, the date of the request, and how long the request has been awaiting feedback. Once feedback has been provided, the cards are removed from the On-Demand Practice tab.

Practice Scenario Reports

There are two downloadable reports for on-demand practice feedback located on Insights under More Reports.

1. Learners Requesting Feedback. A list of the organizations' users who have requested feedback on their practice scenario attempts.

2. Learners Receiving Feedback. A list of the organizations' users who have received feedback on their practice scenario attempts

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