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Versioning helps you see how a lesson changed over time

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About Lesson Versions

Every time a lesson is updated and published, a new version is created. Lessons cannot be reverted to previous versions, but admins and lesson owners can refer to older drafts to see how lessons have changed.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Looking for information on making copies or clones of your lessons? Check out this article.

Locate Lesson Versions

Older versions of lessons, when available, can be found on the lesson overview page. Drafts that have never been published will not have previous versions.

To view older versions of published lessons, select the All Versions link located under the Last Published header.Β 

View Past Versions

Selecting All Versions opens a window (All Published Versions) that lists all versions of a lesson, past and current. Each version contains information on when the version was published, who published it, and how many times each version was completed.

Each version link opens a preview of the lesson in a new tab.

πŸ’‘ Tip: To compare versions, load them into different browser tabs or windows, then toggle between them.

While previewing a version, a blue banner identifies the version number and the date it was published.

πŸ“ Note: Previous versions cannot be downloaded as PDF files. Only the most recent published version of the lesson will be downloaded when a user selects "Download Lesson PDF, as pictured below.

Version Reporting

On the lesson overview page, admins and lesson owners (with assigned users) can export lesson completions by selecting Export Report.

This report includes the lesson version each user completed, but it does not detail how a lesson changed from one version to another.

Note: If a user completed a lesson without at least two versions, a version number will not be included on the export report.

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