What is the Daily Digest Email?

Admins and users with managerial rights and an assigned group of users by default, receive morning Daily Digest emails.

To turn these daily emails into weekly emails meaning the manager would receive a weekly email on Monday morning at 8 am EST please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com

What is Included in the Weekly Digest Emails?

The manager weekly digest email contains a link to the manager's Insights dashboard and two modules.

  • The first module lists the number of overdue assignments, the most overdue learner, and the assignment with the most overdue users. 

  • The second module shows the percentage of active users in the last week and the longest time since the last login.

Important Note: When enabling this feature, it applies to all users in the manager role.

If you have any questions please email Support at support@lessonly.com. 

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