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This feature is also available via the lesson builder to be assigned out to users as assignments.

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Creating and Editing a Conversation in a Lesson

Learner Experience

Lesson Overview Page


Creating and Editing a Conversation in a Lesson

When building a lesson, you can add a Conversation by selecting + Add Element, hovering over Practice in the drop-down menu that appears, and selecting Chat Conversation.

For Chat Conversation elements, the Required checkbox is enabled by default. If the conversation doesn't need to be completed by learners before finishing the lesson, unmark the checkbox to make it optional.

At the top of the Chat Conversation element there are three learner-facing fields to fill out:

  • Conversation Title: The name that describes the conversation.

  • Scenario Introduction: An overview of the situation the learner will be practicing.

  • Customer Name: The name that represents the customer or person that the learner will practice conversing with.

Chat Conversation elements require at least one interaction and include a single interaction by default.

Click on the Interaction 1 header to expand it.

Each interaction has 3 required fields:

  • Incoming Chat: The message that is sent and presented to the learner. The learner will then read and choose a response to the incoming chat message.

  • Correct Response: In each interaction, there is a single correct response that a learner can choose. A single correct answer is required for each interaction.

  • Incorrect Response: In each interaction, there can be a single or multiple incorrect answers that a learner can choose from. A single incorrect response is required but you can add as many incorrect answers as you'd like.

If each of these fields does not have an entry, the lesson will be in an invalid state. When a lesson is in an invalid state, the Publish button will appear inactive and a notification banner will appear at the top of the section. There will also be a triangle warning icon next to the section title of the section with the invalid conversation element so the creator/editor can quickly identify where there are required fixes.

Once the conversation is returned to a valid state (each interaction has input in the three required fields), the publish button will once again be active.

The Explanation field associated with each response is optional and can be used to provide further information on why this is the correct or incorrect response.

Select + Add additional incorrect responses to add more or select the trash can icon to the right of an added incorrect response to delete it. The trash can icon will not appear if your element only has one interaction.

You can add additional interactions by selecting + Add Interaction at the bottom of the element. Each additional interaction will contain the same fields and options as Interaction 1. You can also collapse or expand each interaction as needed.

When a Chat Conversation element has more than one interaction, there is the option to reorder them. To reorder interactions, each interaction will need to be collapsed and then hover over the interaction header until your pointer turns into a crosshair. Select the collapsed interaction you would like to move and drag to reorder them.

As you are building the conversation, you can select the Preview button at the top of the page to see how the conversation will display for learners.

Important Note - Currently Chat Conversations cannot be added to the Element Library.

Learner Experience

Chat Conversation elements appear similar to the image below when a learner first sees them in a lesson:

The Chat Conversation will display the Conversation Title, Scenario Introduction, and Customer Name, if provided, along with a message letting them know their progress will not be saved until the chat is finished.

To begin practice, the leaner will select the Start Chat button. Once started, the customer's first message and the reply options will be displayed. The order of the reply options (depending on how many interactions were included by the Creator) are randomized each time they are displayed to a learner.

When a learner selects their reply by clicking on it, the experience will present immediate feedback indicating whether the selected answer is correct or not. The explanation will also display if one was provided for the selected response. When a learner selects an incorrect response, they are provided all options again in random order, and prompted to make another selection.

If the conversation contains more than one interaction, after the correct response is selected the customer types their reply and the next message is displayed along with the reply options.

At the end of the conversation, the customer leaves the chat and the learner receives the below screen notifying them the chat has been saved.

Lesson Overview Page

Admins, managers, and creators with reporting rights, are able to view Conversation Performance information on the lesson overview page.

Note: Managers only see data for people they manage on lesson overview pages.

When # response is selected for a conversation question on the lesson overview page, it will open up the conversation-specific page which includes Interaction Performance and Conversations Completed by Learner.

When hovering over the bars in the graph it presents the percent breakdowns for each response selected on the first attempt.


Can you add feedback criteria to Chat Conversation elements in lessons?


Is there a limit on how many interactions can be added to a Chat Conversation element?


Is there a limit on how many incorrect responses can be added to an interaction within a Chat Conversation element?


Can customers move or copy their existing on-demand practice conversation scenarios into a lesson without having to re-create them?

No, on-demand practice conversation scenarios cannot be moved or copied into a lesson. Customers will have to recreate them manually as a Chat Conversation element.

Is there a way for Learners to review the conversation they have completed after navigating away?

Not at this time.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com.

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